The Garden of Monsters:
Cast: 3F / 3M
Running Time: 2 hours
In the waning days of WWII, a Jewish GI encounters a Holocaust survivor and the last shred of hope in all the world. In the year 2045, a theatre director rehearses a new play about the liberation of Dachau and forgets how to hope when she learns she has a fatal disease. In a 16th century Italian garden, hopeful lovers make irrevocable choices. In present-day London, a woman crosses paths with a mysterious clown on a secret mission to heal the  world. Intermission promises the end of the universe and dirty vodka martinis for everyone! As the stories and lives intertwine, hope, itself, travels a perilous  journey.
Script History
     Reading, The English Theatre of Rome
     Reading, The Ethereal Mutt, Seattle, WA
     Workshop, Seven Devils Playwrights Conf, McCall, ID
     Reading, id  Theater Co, New York, NY
     Reading, Portland (OR) Theatre Works
     Reading, Wordsmyth Theatre, Houston, TX
     Reading, Echo Theatre Co, Dallas, TX
     Production, Key City Public Teatre, Pt. Townsend, WA

Story Uff Poor Sea Village Gerl
Cast: 1F / 1 M
Running time: 90 minute
Can poor gerl from teenytiny sea village become verymuch faymoose, find happiness, excitement, maybe even luff? Please to join thees gerl on travels from village to mountain to brothel and beyond.
Script History
     Reading, Ethereal Mutt, Seattle
     Reading, Northwest Playwright Alliance, Olympia, WA
     Reading, id Theater Co, New York, NY
Tales From The SaltMines
Cast: 4F / 2M 
Running time: 2 hours
On her first day in an anonymous office, an artist-slash-temporary-secretary butts heads with American mass culture's rabid aversion to creativity. A farce about art, sex, and the transmigration of souls.
Script History
     Staged Reading, Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
     Staged Reading, Ojai Playwrights Conference, Ojai, CA
     Reading, New Plays 2001, The Prop Theatre, Chicago, IL
     Staged Reading, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle, WA
     Finalist, 2000 National Playwrights Conference
     FirstACT Commission, ACT Theatre,  Seattle

The Six Basic Rules
Cast 2F/1M 
Running Time: 1 hr. 50 min
James and Louise barely know each other when they elope after a whirlwind, week-long courtship. Now they ve got their whole lives ahead of them to figure each other out. A farce about marriage.    
Script History
     Production, Union Garage, Seattle
     Staged Reading, Mill MountainTheatre, Roanoke, VA
     Semi-Finalist, McLaren Memorial Comedy Festival
     Prize, Mill Mountain Theatre New Play Competition
     Staged Reading, Empty Space Theatre, Seattle
     Workshop, Seattle Playwrights Alliance

The Urn Of Drew    
Cast 3F/2M
Running Time: 1 hr 50 min
When everybody's favorite relative turns up dead, the Fink family can't quite figure out how to let him go. How will they ever come to terms with their loss, with themselves and with each other when they can't even fiugre out what to do with the, er, um, ah ...ashes. A black comedy about grief.
Script History
     Workshop, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference       
     Reading, Script Tease, Hollins College & Mill Mountain  
        Theatre, Roanoke, VA
     Finalist, 1997 Mill Mountain Theatre New Play Comp.
     Staged Reading, Jane Doe Theatre Ensemble, Seattle
     Finalist, 1992 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize
     Staged Reading, Powerhouse Theatre, Los Angeles
     Staged Reading, Burbage Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 

The Eighteenth Mitzvah    
Cast 4F/5M
Running time 2 hr, 40 min 
A fable of the Old World, a story set in a Ukrainian shtetl in the year 1820. The play weaves together the journey of an itinerant scribe who is commissioned to hand write a copy of the Torah, a tale about an orphan girl of fifteen married against her will to a much older man, and stories from the Talmud which illustrate Jewish law and human frailty.
Script History   
     Workshop Production, Freehold Studio Theatre, Seattle
     Finalist, 1999 Dorothy Silver Prize
     Staged Reading, Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
     Staged Readings, Cornish College & Hugo House
     Finalist, 1999 Studio Project, Theatrework, Santa Fe, NM
     First Prize,Richard Hugo House New Play Competition
     Reading, The Group Theatre, Seattle

The Visible Horse    
Cast 1F/1M
Running time 90 min 
On the first anniversary of his father's death in a car accident, Scott accidentally conjurs Dad back from the great beyond. Unfortunately, Dad arrives as a monster who sets up shop under the bed.
Script History
Production, The Court Theatre, Los Angeles
Publication, Women Playwrights: Best Plays of 2001, Smith & Kraus 
Production, Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, Langley, WA
Fellowship,  Artist Trust, Seattle
Staged Reading, On The Boards & Seattle Playwrights Alliance
Reading, Ensemble Studio Theatre Summer Institute,1997
Workshop / Staged Readings, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, Waterford,CT 
Staged Reading, AHA! Theatre, Seattle
Reading, Bailliwick Theatre, Chicago
Reading, Primary Stages, New York
Hell On Wheels    
Cast 2F/4M
Running Time: 2 hrs 
Marta & Greg have the perfect solution for salvaging their crumbling marriage-pack up the kids and head out to discover America in a used motor home. A comedy about children, divorce, and very large vehicles.
Script History
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays
Production, Empty Space Theatre, Seattle, 1993 
Reading, National Theatre Colony, Palenville, NY, 1992
Staged Reading, Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays, 1992

The Lily & Lou Show    
Cast: 2F / 1 M
Running Time: 2 hrs
In the ongoing battle for control over Allison's life, her parents Lily and Lou know just how to play it when everything hits the fan. It's uphill for Allison all the way in a comedy about the adult child of ...parents.
Script History
Production, Mae West Fest, Settle
Adaptation, ITV (Thailand) television special
Reading, Paradise Theatre, Chimacum, WA
Reading, Live Girls!, Seattle

Dreams of Baby
Cast: 2F/2M
Running Time 1 hr 40 min
As her waters break and she goes into labor, it occurs to Anne that it might just be a little too late to back out! A farce about labor & delivery.    
Script History
Best Medicine Productions, Toronto Fringe Festival
Production, Equity Library Theatre, Chicago
Production, Shattermask Theatre, St. Louis,
Best New Play 1993 Footlight Awards, The Seattle Times 
Production, Jane Doe Theatre, Seattle,
Staged Reading, Philadelphia Festival Theatre for New Plays
Workshop Production, Seattle Actors Collective,